Hi, my name is

Ali Hewiagh

Web and Mobile App Developer.

A friendly software engineer, spending my days (and often nights) translating zeros and ones into captivating, interactive experiences while tackling technical challenges.

When I'm not busy crafting stunning web and app experiences, you'll find me outdoors, socializing with friends, engaging in sports (I'm a huge football fan), or simply unwinding in cozy cafes.

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01.About Me

Ali Hewiagh

Full-Stack & iOS Developer

A talented individual from Libya 🇱🇾 with a profound interest in leveraging technology to tackle real-world challenges. Ali's journey began as an intern at Ed-online Technology, gaining valuable experience. He also worked as a part-time developer at AOneSchools, further honing his skills. With dedication and expertise, Ali rose to the position of mid-level software engineer at iCYCLE Malaysia, where he made significant contributions for three years. His roles spanned machine learning, front-end development, and iOS development, expanding his skill set and fueling his passion for innovation.

Presently, Ali is an integral part of a dynamic team dedicated to continuously enhancing the online educational platform for Paper Video. Concurrently, Ali also serves as a part-time software engineer for Picl, where he contributes to the development of a content marketing and networking platform.

One of Ali's greatest passions lies in engaging with customers on a global scale, allowing him to explore and address their unique needs.

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/* Recent used technologies */

Technology {

front-end: Angular, NextJs;

back-end: NodeJs, Python, PostgreSQL, MongoDB;

others: AWS, Pinecone;

What People Say!

Ali is a top developer. He is consistent and adaptable. He takes the time to make sure that things are done properly and does not cut corners. Each task is approached with detail and rigour. When new technologies need to be learned, Ali dives right into the docs and figures out how to implement them properly. Something I appreciate a lot about Ali is that if I am wrong about something, he will let me know. I value this a lot.

Christopher Mills 🇿🇦

CEO at Paper Video & Founder of Picl

02.My Expertise

Frontend Developer

FE Tools I Use

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

TypeScript, Angular, NextJs

Tailwind, MaterialUI, Bootstrap

Backend Developer

BE Tools I Use

TypeScript, Python, PHP,

NodeJS, Laravel, PostgreSQL

MongoDB, AWS, Pinecone, Sequlize, Mongoose

Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Tools I Use

Swift, Ionic, RxSwift

App Store Publishing

Google Play Publishing

03.Where I've worked
January 2018
  1. Full-Stack Developer Full-time

    September 2021 - Current

  • Enhanced existing educational platforms by rectifying coding errors, implementing new features, and updating interfaces.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in both front-end development using the Angular framework and back-end development using NodeJs (express).
  • Ensured smooth operation and maintenance of system infrastructure, including AWS services utilized by the platform.
  • Fostered close collaboration with South African payment gateway providers to seamlessly integrate and ensure secure online payment functionality within the Paper Video system.
04.My Work

Throughout my career as a software engineer, I have successfully developed and deployed scalable web and mobile applications, including education platforms and waste management systems. Additionally, I have delved into the fascinating realms of data science and engineering, leveraging my skills to create a robust machine learning model for fraud detection within a waste management organization. Furthermore, I have had the privilege of serving diverse clients from across the globe as a freelancer software engineer.

Paper Video
Angular, NodeJs, MaterialUI, Postgress, AWS, Github Actions
Angular, NodeJs, MaterialUI, Postgress, AWS, Github Actions
Litter Tracking
Angular, MaterialUI, Ionic, Firebase, Github
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05.What is next?
Reach Me Out!
Although I am presently not open to a career transition, I eagerly welcome the prospect of establishing contact for potential collaborations, inquiries, or future opportunities.